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Hey Aaron,

Back from my work trip to Vegas. What a crazy place! Anyway, I tried pulling the content from the webs site and pulling it into Google Docs, doing some minor cleanup (took the liberty of putting your beautiful Twenty on this page - the other image was broken) and saved it as a .pdf. Honestly, as I was doing this, I was thinking this "history" document (which was done by Martin the Vanished when he set up the webs site many moons ago) should probably be redone. Is this what you were thinking for the new "groups" site? Let me know and I can clean it up further. I already see some formatting that can be done. How much editing of the text should we do? Or were you thinking of keeping it honest to the content from the webs site?


On Friday, December 6, 2019, 7:40:59 AM PST, Aaron Whaley via Groups.Io <wahooncx@...> wrote:

Hi Charles,
Sorry about the late reply. Work has been ramping up instead of winding down, which is a good thing. No riding for me this year either.

What I tried and seems to work, is to copy the information that is wanted from the other site, paste into a word document, check for spelling and formating then save as a PDF for upload to this site. I have only managed to copy and paste the Technical Data so far, then webs went down for a while. It is back up. Anything you want to do is fine with me! My hope is to get the articles and any technical items.


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