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This is a group for those interested in all categories of non-derailleur equipped bicycles. This includes all geared hub, fixed gear, and single speed bikes, both historic and current production, including shaft drive and recumbent versions as well as hybrid drivetrains. Gear hubs from Bendix, BSA, Shimano, Sturmey Archer, NuVinci, SRAM/Sachs and Rohloff are of interest as well as bikes using them. Also fixed gear and single speed bikes and components as well as the Schlumpf & Trutaviv two speed cranksets. If you know of any other brands of geared hubs they are of interest too. There are many other brands no longer being made. Members are encouraged to discuss all aspects of these types of bikes including history, engineering, riding, accessories, maintenance and both advantages and disadvantages of them. Any information on the reliability or efficiency of various brands and models of gear hubs is also welcome. Please post regarding your areas of interest upon joining the group.
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  • Raleigh Twenty
    This group is dedicated to the Raleigh Twenty bicycle using any and all of the names and head badges it was produced under during its long production history. As well as "shopper" bicycles from the same era.
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  • Small Wheel IGH Bikes
    This group is for the discussion of any IGH small-wheeled bike. Dahon, Moulton, and a whole host of others. We also have a sister sub-group for the discussion of the venerable Raleigh Twenty and clones.
    11 Members, 0 Topics, Public Archives, Restricted