arcane S.A. 3spd RK3 question


Full moon greetings to you all, and ...

I want to know if the extra-wide driver from a brompton extra wide can fit on the RS-RK3 hub
The hub with rotary shift...    or does the extra width of the driver interfere with the rotary shifting?

Second question:   Or can I take the guts from a different hub and install them in the RS-RK3 hub ?

Goal:   I would like to have a 28-spoke-hole, disk brake S.A. 3spd with the wide-driver.    I think it is preferable to my goal to use rotary shifting, but I have never used one so I hope they work well !    I would be O.K. with the standard pull-chain if none of this can work.     (I have in hand the wide driver and a 28-spoke no-brake hub)

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, experiences, questions ??
I would love to hear     =)
     Thanks in advance
noMadic  Thomas